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Our Work / Fashion Music Video

Creative strategies to showcase your brand. 


Objective: Engage designer's target audience by creating a fashion music video that showcases new designs. 


Outcome: The fashion music video had strong user engagement and social shares and comments.

Silk and Soft (1).png

Step 1: Mood Board Creation

After discussing the client's goals, a mood board was created to articulate the video's style to properly article the style and essence of the shoot. 

Music was sourced and production was outlined. 

Step 2: Fashion Video Production

The Fashion Music Video was created in a theme that articulates the collection. 

story - I Can't Fight The Feeling.png

Step 3: Social Media Content Creation & Promotion

Social media content was created to articulate and promote the fashion music video. Users viewed the video 10k+ times without paid promotion. The designers social media engagements increase which positively impacted revenue.

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