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  • Something Men Should Know

    Posted in: Life, Relationships

    What a lot of guys fail to realize is that (in relationships) women are a reflection of how they make us feel. If they don’t make us feel like we’re the best, they don’t get the best. If they treat us like their queen, we will treat them like they’re our king. What guys today forget is that they are the lead. We feed off of them. The things that they want from their spouse/mate can easily be achieved based off of their actions.

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  • Desperation or Inspiration?

    Posted in: Dream Building, Entrepreneurship, Inspiration

    You ever wonder why your most desperate times in life yield the most beautiful results? Ever notice that the ‘worst of times’ always inspire something amazing. Maybe desperation is what leads you to inspiration?

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  • It’s About HOW You Advertise

    Posted in: Career, Life Architect

    It’s not only the message in your advertisement, but the way you advertise yourself of your business also sends a message. Advertising on a billboard oppose to a well-renowned publication sends two different messages. So does choosing to advertise through print oppose to advertising through word of mouth.

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  • Missing Mya? We Found Her Bests…

    Posted in: music, Style & Beauty

    Above any other singer, Mya has to be my favorite… hands down. The singer (and amazing dancer) has stayed under the radar for a while… which isn’t really that bad of a thing. I have to admit that I’ve always had an admiration for talented people who take time off to be people (outside of the industry). After Mya released the very classy statement refuting rumors that she was Jay-Z’s mistress for years… (who would believe that anyway?)… I recently shared some of my favorite songs with my boyfriend which led me to discovering some of the music she’s released minus the whole PR push. Check out some of the bests from Mya.

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  • How to Cultivate Relationships and Find A Mentor

    Posted in: Life, Life Architect

    Mentors are very valuable to have. They typically accelerate your path by providing you with information and connections that you couldn’t garner on your own (in a short amount of time). A lot of people wonder where to find mentors and what to do to officially become a mentee. For most the answer is simple…

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  • There’s Money In Your Day Dreams

    Posted in: Dream Building, Life Architect, News

    Dreaming about your future is sweet… especially if it comes in the form of a daydream. But in the midst of imagining yourself as Stacey Dash in Clueless, married to George Clooney, or speeding down the highway in your Ferrari, there lies a business that can profit you.

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  • Is Your Relationship A Distraction?

    Posted in: Inspiration

    Relationships can be filled with mutual interests, love, and passion. But how do you determine if your relationship is more of a distraction than a beneficial addition to your life? Sometimes love will come in and steal your attention away from the things you are doing in a good way. Other times… not so much. So, when is it time to cut ties and refocus your energy?

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  • Are You Too Critical?

    Posted in: Life, Relationships, Self-Improvement

    Critical, analytical, detail-oriented are all attributes that make for a good employee. But as a person, those attributes can come off as judgmental, demeaning, and bitter. Although some qualities are great to have in the workplace, they aren’t so beneficial in real life. As a “critical” person you can trap people’s creativity and self-expression by labeling them through a negative lense. It stops all growth, excitement, and ability for positive change (in your life and theirs).

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  • Being The Queen of Your Own Dream

    Posted in: Dream Building, Entrepreneurship, Inspiration

    Sitting on a throne of ideas just won’t cut it. I think the hardest thing for people to understand about having a dream is that you actually have to get in the driver’s seat. You have to put in the hard work. What does that mean? It means that you have to take a seat and write down exactly what it is that you want, your plan to get there, and go through the winding path of pursuing your own destiny. To be the queen you have to be in charge. You have to take risks. You have to be responsible for failures. As the queen you do get the glory, but you won’t get to the point of having people ‘serve’ you until you become a servant to your own destiny.

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  • Attracting Start-Up Talent On A Budget

    Posted in: Career, Dream Building, Life

    As an entrepreneur you realize that in order to get that big idea off the ground you’ll need a team. But without the money to pay them, how do you find top talent? There’s a lot of ‘catch 22s’ that come with building a business. One (of the many) you’ll find is that in order to make money, you need a team. And in order to retain top talent, you need money. But here’s how to get around that…

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  • Desperation or Inspiration?

    Desperation or Inspiration?

    You ever wonder why your most desperate times in life yield the most beautiful results? Ever notice that the ‘worst of times’ always inspire something amazing. Maybe desperation is what leads you

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